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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cakes and Ale (& Home)

Cakes and Ale (& Home)

Actually, scones and beer!

Back in the dawn of time, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and I was about 10, I won third prize at Poynton Show in the junior section for my scones. Last Friday, I was forced to delve deep and hard into the memory to recall all I used to know, as we'd volunteered to produce some for a book launch (of which more anon).

Luckily, it seems I haven't lost the knack, probably owing to some assistance from St Delilah of Norwich. Which turned out to be fortunate as P. was lying hors-de-combat, struck down with her particular brand of dreaded lurgi.

A friend, the delightful Liz Fenwick, has a new book out, and her publishers had arranged for a launch at a small independent bookshop in Urmston. Why Urmston, you may ask? Liz's publishers, Orion Press, suggested it. Liz's new book, A Cornish Stranger, has a music thread to it, and Liz got a lot of her information from a student friend of her son's who attended Chetham's School of Music – also in Manchester. All of which was as tenuous a connection as you can get, but still made for a really nice night. A nice crowd of some 36, Liz spoke for an hour, some good questions and all the scones went!

BTW – I really recommend her book – it's the best she has written, and I really enjoyed it. I spent a large part of my childhood in Cornwall. Liz really “gets” that bit of magic that starts when you cross the Tamar, and it shines through her books.

Meanwhile, back at the house, we are still knocking off those little jobs left from the move. The carpet fitter comes tomorrow to fit new stair carpet, we have new curtains, the garden is coming on a treat, and we have ordered some new double-glazing. Bit-by-bit we are getting there.

I am off to Belgium again next week for the last committee meeting before the big Hash House Harriers “do” in July. 2500 people coming, and a LOT of beer organised!

When Liz was talking she mentioned how she looks on her house in Cornwall as “Home”. And that got me thinking. Both Pam and I are really feeling the new house is "Home" already. Perhaps because we both chose it, and made all the decisions about it.

Just for once, we were able make all those decisions purely on their own merit. All the other houses we have had, for the last 30 years, have either been because they went with the job, or because my work was in the area. THIS time, we are here just because we want to be – and that is a great feeling!

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