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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

We Wish You An Inspirational Christmas and a Productive New Year!!

Time for another update as we drift into a VERY miserable 2016 (from a weather point of view)
We had a wonderful Christmas; everything worked. The only cloud on the horizon was that our younger daughter had to work! *sigh*
Never mind, she will be over at Easter and her mum can spoil her then.

Talking of her mum, we recently celebrated our Ruby Wedding, so I must be doing SOMETHING right.

I took Pam over to Brussels to see some friends, go to the Christmas Marker (brilliant) and to do some shopping, and happily, she had a great time. It was lovely for her to see a lot of people she hasn’t had the chance to see for too long. Brussels is such a fun city, anyway. Did I mention the beer? I’m sure I must have mentioned the chocolate.

It has been a busy time for the writing. I made the decision to send my manuscript to be professionally edited, once I had completed the amendment suggested by my New Writers Scheme reader.

 As I knew Jane Eastgate from Conference, and she came highly recommended., she seemed to be an easy choice. She has turned out to be an excellent choice as well. Still lots to do, and, as I write, I have finished 310 pages of line-edits. I’m taking a 2 day break before I attack the Structural edits, etc. It’s all good!!

Quite a few people do blog posts on their best reads of the year, so I thought I would too.
My top reads of the year were, in no particular order:

I have been reading Liz’s books since her first one was published, and they get better and better. The Lost Girl, set in the mining communities of Wyoming in the 1870s and covering a period where the mining industry were bringing in a large number of Chinese miners.
Liz writes with a great eye for detail, and this book is both is a delight to read. Sympathetic characters and good pace though out.

A big surprise for me. This was the first of Fanny Blake’s books that I had read. A gripping family tale, set in Italy and Cornwall and totally absorbing. If there is a moral in the tale, it’s “Don’t leave your mobile phone lying around!”
Fanny’s prose style transports the reader effortlessly to the warmth of a Tuscan orange grove. A great discovery for me.

Liz Fenwick is another author whose books get better and better. Under a Cornish Sky is Liz’s fourth book and best yet. Once again Liz has brought out the “spirit of Cornwall” in her book. Great characters as usual, a strong romantic thread and lots of family intrigue. Just a delight. (as she is in real life)

Buy, read, review and enjoy them all. I did!

So, whether you running, walking, reading writing or editing, have a great time doing it – and it WILL be worth it in the end.
Keep the faith!