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Sunday, February 23, 2014

What a start to the year!

Isn't death odd? In mother's case it was a welcome release after three years in care with vascular dementia. She said she just didn't want to wake up in the morning – and some days ago her prayers were answered. So no surprises then, and for all of us a prolonged exhalation of relief. The mother I knew I said goodbye to four years ago when she had the last stroke – a total personality change. Still, a long life.

And so to the mechanics of arranging funerals, etc. Have you checked the price of coffins recently?? Unbelievable. When arranging mother-in-laws funeral three years ago I was doing the rounds of the undertakers in Gloucester. In two of them their immediate – and slightly chilling - response was “Is it for you?” (Apparently its all to do with arranging things in advance.)

Another bonus was getting our girls over to stay for a couple of days.

As soon as the family dispersed, it was back to the house-work (literally – working on the house). Pam came up to York for a couple of days to check on progress and help with a couple of key decisions. We now have a moving date though; Thursday 3rd of April.

Meanwhile, life goes on – rather reassuringly; the alternative would be a bit tough.

My friends in the Hash House Harriers aren’t seeing too much of me – the house is taking all my energies, and the weather has been against going outside for ANY reason. Never mind, though. I will be heading over to Brussels next month for a weekend, and dropping in on a few of our local groups here to say farewell before leaving for the frozen North.

On the romantic fiction front – its a remarkably fecund world you lot live in! No sooner do I turn round or blink and one of you has a new book out. So far this year, I have particularly enjoyed Jean Bull's Gypsy Moth, Sue Moorcroft's Is This Love AND Do you Want to know a Secret? (Yes!), and Christina Courtenay's Secret Kiss of Darkness. Well done ladies – I do get some odd looks when I'm chuckling away reading my Kindle in the pub.

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