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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Time For an Update - the Weeks Just Slip By!

Where does the time go? In spite of being putatively retired, I seem to have less time than ever these days.

You can tell the difference between being a York resident and a visitor to York – we've been moved in for 6 weeks, and we still haven't been to Bettys! Mind you, the other York bakery, Thomas's, produces equally good Yorkshire Curd Tarts. I AM feeling the lack of a Fat Rascal or two, though.

It seems that – for us, at least, the house market remains buoyant. We've sold (almost) my late uncle's old house (owned by my late Mother). Completion should be next week, subject to “probate being granted”. Then we only have to wait 6 months before Mother's will can be proved. All very time consuming, but not, for us, urgent.

The big agenda item for us though, has been the garden. Being both old and knackered we decided on raised beds – and I managed to make them out of old scaffold boards. They are proving great, and the recent spell of good weather has allowed us to press on with planting and re-potting all the plants we brought with us from Evesham.

I have made contact with local friends on the Yorkshire Hash House Harriers. LOTS of old friends!! The only problem is, when they made Yorkshire, they made a hell of a lot of it. Also had a great trip to Macclesfield Beer Festival to join up with old London friends of the SLASH3. Good beer (246 different ones) and great fun. Bill Turnbull (doyen of the BBC Breakfast Sofa) was  very busy pouring beers for us all afternoon!!

Readingwise, its been busy. Among the bits and pieces left to me by my Uncle was a couple of old books about Cornwall. One of these, “Deep Down” by RM Ballantyne was fascinating, and packed with details about the old Bottalack mine in Cornwall. My Gt-Gt-Grandfather bought the mine and put it into production again in the mid 18th. C. Very much in the same writing style as John Buchan and Ballantyne's other books, i.e. Coral Island, and its free on Kindle.

Many of my lady writer friends have been living the high-life over in New Orleans for the big Romantic Times fiction convention. Curiously, I used to stay at the same hotel where the convention was held, so was able to give them a few tips re the delights of Bourbon St. I note with interest that they are all remarkably coy about any weight-gain from all the amazing food that New Orleans has to offer.

Liz Harris's Blog post catches a flavour at

Life goes on!!

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