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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Its that Recurring Question - Where did that year go?

Its exactly a year since we bought this house – although only seven months since we moved in. We have – with one major exception – finished the repairs and decorating. The exception is the new conservatory – the builders are being dilatory in the extreme! That is hardly news in the great story of builders, though.

It is nearly 6 months since I last updated this blog, and I keep asking “Where is the time going?” and never really receiving a sensible answer. We still try to fill our days though.
The major event of the summer was the Brussels Beer Oddesey, involving over 2500 veteran hash house harriers from all over the world descending on Brussels for an extended weekend of Running, Walking and Beer. I've been attending (and organising) these events for 20 years, and I can put my hand on my heart and happily say this was the best. :) For me personally, it was unbelievable having so many friends there!

A colourful bunch aren't they. :)

Anyone interested can check out the myriad photos at

The other major event was a gorgeous holiday in a gite in Brittany for Pam and I. Right out near Roscoff, the gite was, as usual, a converted farmhouse and was one of the best we have stayed in. We had a great time! Its a gorgeous area and the weather stayed kind.

I spend an enjoyable day in Leighton Buzzard with friends attending the Festival of Romantic Fiction. Such a nice bunch, and always a pleasure to see and spend time with them.

Thee Book Fair 

As I got to know more of them on Twitter I started sending out a #ff message, but including some little gag or tag to make it interesting. After all #ff on its own is pretty damn bald and meaningless. This, like Topsy, has Grown! As I have got to know and chat with (whether in real life or on line) more authors, that have been added to the list so it now numbers more than 100. (a lot more) Finding something amusing and original to use as a tag gets harder and harder! Still, its fun in a weird way. Perhaps I should get out more

In fact, I enjoyed myself so much I am off to see many of them again at the RNA Winter Party in a couple of weeks. I plan on having my camera!

I've also been whiling away the off hour reading and reviewing books for the RoNAs – all in the romance genre, but not by any means what some might call Mills and Boon types. This year I got given 5 to read – all of them between 400 and 550 pages long!! Nevertheless I made it and filled my forms in and sent them off. I look forward to see who makes the short list and who wins. There were 2 of mine I thought were in with a chance.

Strictly Come Dancing is back with us! So far, it is proving to be a brilliant series - with several real surprises!! My last 4? Jake, Caroline, Frankie and Pixie by a country mile. 
The other major improvement is NO MORE BRUCE! Now if we can only get the BBC to let Zoe Ball take over from the Loch Tess Monster all my wishes will have been granted (LOL)

We have both our girls with us for Christmas, so the house will be full! Preparations are continuing apace! We have been over to an Xmas Craft Fair this morning in Harrogate for lots of bits and bobs for stocking fillers. Before them, I am back over to Brussels for a major Christmas party – a wind-down and thank-you for the committee and all our helpers who made July's event so good – and, for me, a vital chance to restock the Beer Cupboard!!

More after Christmas – and may YOUR Christmas and New Year bring you everything you wish for.

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