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Thursday, September 17, 2015

.....And a Short Cool Summer *sigh*

Time for another blog update!

A busy couple of months too. I have been insanely busy editing and correcting “the book”. I submitted it back in June under the New Writers Scheme. For my non-writing friends, this is a scheme organised by the Romantic Novelists Assoc., whereby – if you are accepted– they will arrange for your manuscript to be given the “once over” by an experienced author who knows what they are doing.

The lady who read and critted my MS did a brilliant job. I’ll never know who it was – that is part of the deal. It is completely anonymous, but the level of detail she covered was brilliant. A shed-load of work, but all very do-able and all sensible. So if she happens to read this – many thanks.

I’ve now reached the stage where I need to send it out into the cruel wide world to try and find an agent who will take it on. I’ve still got about 3 weeks more work first. It still needs a final polish.

I’ve been busy on the Social side, too. I went down to Oxford for the biannual UK Nash Hash – exceptionally well hosted by Oxford H3. Before the festivities started I had time for a very convivial lunch with a favourite author and friend – Liz Harris.

While my running days are over, I go purely for the joy of meeting old friends. Besides, who could resist a weekend imbibing the excellent Hook Norton?

Loads of friends there, but more special than most was seeing Whad-Ya-Say (known in the civilian world as Iain McRobbie) up and around after a shocking accident when he was knocked off his bike. Long may his recovery continue. Even the weather smiled for most of the weekend.

This is the famous Whad-Ya-Say, Good to see!

Oh, and for the avoidance of doubt, I can confirm that Oxford is FULL of outstanding pubs!

London H3 still throw a mean cocktail Party - and dress accordingly!

Hashers en-mass are always a colourful bunch!

Two friends from my local RNA Chapter, Lynda and Jane, arranged the RNAs first event in the North of the UK, “The York Tea”. We had the use of the Guildhall in York, handily close to Bettys, and a gorgeous venue on its own.

About 85 RNA members and guests turned up, some from considerable distance away – and a seriously convivial afternoon tea was had by all. Kudos to Lynda and Jane (and their other halves) for putting it all together. What we’d REALLY like now is for one of the other RNA Chapters to take it on for the next one.  

 This is Katie Fford who has the biggest smile on the face of the earth and came for the day all the way from Cheltenham!! THAT's dedication.

A great venue!

 The afternoon started with a glass of prosecco, which certainly had the desired effect of loosening everyone's tongues, and finished with the hysterically funny Milly Johnson presenting a paper comparing Northern Birds with their Southern Counterparts. I laughed so much the tears ran down my legs. 😂

I resumed my visits to Silverstone this year, going back for the Silverstone Classic. 2 days of classic sports and racing cars, back from my formative years and even before!

This was when racing cars LOOKED like racing cars – besides, what can you say about a race with 7 Bentleys and 3 Bugattis – all from the 20s and 30s.

It does rather help if the rain stays away.

Coming up, I’ve got a weekend writing course in a couple of weeks – just up the road from our old home in Evesham. Hopefully I’ll be in time to get a few punnets of plums. It's jam, jelly and chutney time again. Haxby, our village, has a couple of crab apple trees right outside the Post Office and Sainsbury's. There are also a lot of Rowan trees, so we now have a stock of Crab-apple Jelly, and Crab and Rowan Jelly nestling next to the beer in our garage-cum-beer cupboard.

Next time, I’ll tell you of the frustrations of trying to find an agent and/or publisher!