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Friday, May 22, 2015

The Prune Effect

Or How I need to be More Regular with the Blog Updates.

It's all part of the process of trying to become a published author. Writing the words is only the start.

After the words, comes the line edits and corrections, and, of course, all the corrections and changes that you suddenly find you need.

You've also got do decide what kind of book it is that you have. The best description I can come up with is a “Historical novel, with a strong romantic thread.” There are very strict rules for pure romances. Jane Austen can break them, but not a simple tyro like me.

Why does it matter? Because certain publishers, agents and editors prefer different streams. It would be a real waste of effort to try and sell it into a market for a different genre.

But – we are where we are, and I'm pretty happy so far.

Coming up. I'm drafting this en-route to the RNA Summer party. It'll be a good night tonight. I'll be popping a couple of photos in this update tomorrow.

Most friends will know of Liz Fenwick and her ultra-cool Cornish novels. (Click here - Unashamed plug) Pam and I finally made it back to Cornwall a couple of weeks ago and had one of the best short breaks we have ever had. 

Not only re-visiting a lot of haunts from my childhood but meeting up with Liz at the launch for Under a Cornish Sky. Pam and her finally got to meet as well so an extra bonus. To cap it all, I also got to meet Mandy James, one of the RNA members who got me into all this in the first place.

Talking of “the book” we are off in two weeks or so to Ireland for a holiday-cum-research trip. After meeting up with 250 old friends in Galway we are spending a couple of days in Mullingar, taking lots of pics and generally getting a better feel for the place. It's where the action in the book is set. More past family history. Sometimes it's useful to have some totally scuzzy ancestors.

Also coming up will be a proper web-site, and a “John Jackson – Author” Facebook page. All of the things you have to do if you are serious about it all. Having got this far, it would be really stupid NOT to be serious about it.

RNA-wise after this, it's my first RNA conference in London in early July. As Roger Sanderson – one of the few but really well known male authors in the romantic area told me – you see the RNA at their best at Conference! I, for one, can't thank my RNA friends enough for their help and support getting this all together.

You know what they say - with these three, "There may be trouble ahead......"

More old friends, in Liz and Jenny

AND – Brigid won the Joan Hessayon Award!

Also away from the book, we took friends to see Vincent and Flavia on the last night of their Dance Til Dawn show, in Hull. A great night, and we took friends from Belgium, and met up with several old dancing friends too.. They are now preparing their last show together – The Last Tango. It's sure to be a sell-out. HIGHLY recommended!

So the next blog update will be after the Conference. (and will have more photos!)

Let's see if they like champagne cocktails!


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  1. Love this blog John! Look forward to seeing you at conference!

    Mandy :)

  2. I love your title, John! You know how much I like Agen prunes. It's a great blog posting - lively and interesting, and regularly punctuated with photos. I look forward to reading your next entry. Yes, no pressure there, then! :-).

  3. Thanks for the plug and looking forward to catching up at conference!! xx

  4. Thanks Liz. Looks like you are enjoying yourself over there! xx

  5. Great pics. Look forward to seeing you at the Conference, John!