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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Time Flies – Faster and Faster

Where is this year going? As I write, we are half way through April, and it's almost the asparagus season (always a sign the spring really IS here).

We are now the proud owner of an array of solar panels, It generated a better return for some surplus cash we had than putting it away in an ISA. Almost everything is finished on the house. The conservatory is up and being put to good use. There's still a couple of chairs to get, but that's just a detail.

The book is going remarkably well. I've got some fabulous ancestors on the family tree, including a few really dreadful characters. One of them is providing inspiration for my book. I've been beavering away, and I'm up to 85,000 words. Right now I am about 85% through the narrative, which is just where I want to be, If I finish the narrative line inside the next month, that gives me two months to edit and rewrite before handing it in for evaluation.

Isn't Writer's Block weird? When you just don't know what to write, or where your story is going? I got stuck for about three weeks recently. Frustrating doesn't come close. Luckily, I got some advice from friends at the Romantic Novelists Association RoNA awards night. They were a big help, and thanks for the suggestions. I can say to any (aspiring ) novelist. Just go to an RNA event and you'll find more support and suggestions than you thought possible. A great way out of any particular quandary.

The RoNAs night was excellent. I've read and critted for the awards for the last two years so wanted to go to at least one event to see where it all went, so to speak. A great night with friends, too. Barbara Taylor Bradford looked amazing for 83! Sharp as a button, too.

As I said, a great night. There's me, about ten other blokes, and two hundred women ALL dressed to kill! Nothing wrong there, then!!

My last trip to Belgium was brilliant. Really, one of the best weekends. It started well, with a trip to one of the best beer shops in the country, at Poperinge. They don't spend money on advertising!

The weekend that followed featured no less than 85 different beers. No, I didn't try them all, but I had an outstanding time with about 90 old friends. Roll on next years trip.

So now? Back to the Work in Progress!! (and more regular updates in future. In the next two months we are off to Cornwall and to Ireland, so expect more after that.)


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  1. Hi John, enjoyed your blog. Sat here eating my lunch at work so thought I'd have a look whilst I ate. :-)