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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Season of Mists, Mellow Fruitfulness – and Holidays.

Time for another blog update.

On the writing front, I am waiting for the return of my MS from the RNA New Writers Scheme; (it's coming at the end of this week!)
I've already had some addition comments that I want to act on, but I need to get my reader's report back first. Once I have it, I will work through it systematically and address any issued my "reader" brings up. (there will be loads, but that's how you make it better!)

I got some help and crit on the book, and on historical writing at the Historical Novel Conference in Oxford at the start of September. Many friends from the RNA both organising, speaking and just attending (like me), so it was really good to meet old friends and make new ones. There are pics in my last blog entry.

No sooner was I back from Oxford than we shot off to France for a holiday. A week in a gite in the Aveyron, in South West France, followed by a week in Brittany, in a gite where we have stayed before.

While the gite in the Aveyron was lovely, and our farmer-owner charming, and came with two sheep and four donkeys, we suddenly realised how remote the farmhouse was. What would happen if, God forbid, we had a serious accident or event? While I speak French, P does not (apart from shopping-French), and she can no longer drive. The nearest house was about 3k and 2 valleys away! No mobile signal, and only intermittent Wifi. It's definitely time to acknowledge the passing of the years and stay somewhere with decent communications. *sigh*.

Still, a good week, with visits to our favourite cities, Cahors and Albi, plus a new one – Villefranche-de-Rouergue. We also topped up on wine, big time. We even got the bubbly for our daughter's wedding! (Labastide Brut) The cave even opened in their lunch hour for us and gave us a complimentary case.

The drive to Brittany took 11 hours, but we made it, and as Madam knew us, she was happy to stay on site until we arrived, about 8 pm. We did spend the next couple of days relaxing though – and did very little except bimble around the wonderful coast, and eat seafood – AND meet up with some old friends who were on their way back to the UK.

Since our return, life hasn't stopped, though we have caught our breath. I went down to Reading to meet with Glynis Smy and a few others, in a repeat of the weekend we had in Canary Wharf last year. Good food, wine and talk – and most of all, good company.

Next week it is off to Nottingham to meet Sue Moorcroft for the launch of "A Christmas Promise". I'm taking Pam too'

, then it's the Harrogate History Festival, and we have tickets for Jo Baker, Phillipa Gregory and Tracy Chevalier!! 

The end of the month sees me at another Blogger / AuthorShenanigans in Birmingham. The last was really good, and this one will be too. If you want to go, contact Kim Nash on Facebook. May be see you there?

On a domestic note, the Hedgehogs are eating like mad – and I think they will all make their target weight before they fall into hibernation. They really like sunflower seed hearts and mealworms.

All comments most welcome!

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