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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer is Icumin In! (with a bang)

Time for another update. There's been lots happening in Metropolitan Haxby! (and elsewhere) since my last entry.

Work on the next book continues but at a snail's pace. This WILL change, sooner or later. At some undefined time, the mojo will come back, and then it'll be 5 – 7 thousand words a day for a few weeks. Hey ho!!

RNA Summer Parties are always a blast. A non-writing friend asked me what it was like with all these women. I think he was concerned I'd be submerged in a welter of pink fluffiness.
I pointed out to him that there was me, and 200+ women all dressed up to the nines (and Roger and a couple of other gentlemen of the pen, of course).  
"Ah yes, I see your point!" he remarked.

Some of the best shots from the party, and I STILL didn't get around to talk to or to snap many, many, friends old and new.
Me, talking to Carol Cooper. It's rare to get a photo of me with my camera!

Philippa Ashley, who joined us for some "pre-loading" in Waterstones. for Happy Hour.

As did Henriette Gyland and Talli Roland.

A Hat, with, inevitably, Julie Cohen attached :)

Karen Aldous

No sooner was the party over than we were off to Cornwall for a week of pretty-well-unalloyed bliss. We made it to the Lost Gardens of Heligan at last (impressive), 

And to Trelissick (even more impressive), 

We also visited an old friend for a cuppa in St Austel. It's always good to see and talk to Sue "Splash" Gande. We still had time to meet up with the Devon / Cornwall chapter of the RNA for lunch in Truro, who were, in the finest traditions of the RNA, hospitality itself, and met up with old and dear friends near St Mawgan. We hadn't seen Faz or Michele for fifteen years!

The above pic courtesy of Lin Mary Treadgold

We also shopped for Cornish gin, beer, cider and pasties. (ALL good)

On the domestic front we have had several real soap operas going on in the garden. A family of Bluetits took up residence in our nest box. Tragedy struck when Mrs Bluetit flew at speed into a glass door. Her body is now forming part of our excellent compost. Recycling – it's wonderful.
Fortunately, the chicks were about to fly the nest and fledged the following day. Poor old Mr. Bluetit was at it hammer and tongs feeding them though. They were last seen hiding in a large and very old Damson tree in the orchard that abuts our garden. 

 Our three visiting hedgehogs all seem fit and well. We hope to see some hoglets in a few weeks' time. At least one of the hedgies is being remarkably skittish when Mr Snuffles comes sniffing round.


 Next up? A friend's wedding in s. London, and more meet-ups with old friends there, a trip to the Greenwich Observatory, and the RNA Conference!!

Feel free to copy, share, comment, etc. etc. etc.


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