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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

....and just WHERE did that year go? Answers on a postcard, please!

So the end of the year rolls round - and just WHAT a year its been!

The main highlight has been selling our house on the Isle of Man, and finding and buying a bungalow in York. I start work on refurbishing it and doing some minor repairs next week, and we hope to actually move in around Easter. Unlike most house-movers, we have the luxury of time, and can get most of the bits and pieces we need done before we actually take up residence.

For the first time ever, Pam and I spent Christmas at our daughters and partners house. A real "right-of-passage" moment. We had a great Christmas in every way, but, strangely, P and I both felt at a loss. We had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do. The kids did everything. Next year, we'll be having them to stay at the new house, together with DD2, who had to work this year.

The weeks prior to Christmas saw the Party circuit in full swing, and started with an excellent lunchtime gig with the Oxford Chapter of the RNA. A really nice bunch of lady writers - both published and hoping-to-be-published. Thank you ladies - especially Liz Harris. I hope to see you again before disappearing into the frozen North.

I always catch up with my London Hash House Harrier friends at their combined party. This year was no exception. Now I'm no great shakes at fancy dress, but arrived at the home of my overnight hosts to be informed that they HAD a costume for me - as Little Weed to their Bill and Ben!

Thanks, M & K, your hospitality was exemplary as ever!!! In a strange example of co-incidence, they live round the corner from Liz's (see above) DS1 and DinL.

For the inquisitive - lots more photos at London Hash Xmas Party Snaps

Just back from London, and it was over to Brussels for a couple of meetings re Brussels2014, and THEIR Christmas party - a night for posh frocks, etc. and lots more pics!

Again, for the curious, more pics here - BMPH3 Xmas Party

In spite of all the festivities, lasting well into the early hours, they were all up and running off any hangover the next day at 11:00. A great weekend, and a chance for a spot of Christmas shopping at Brussels excellent markets.

On my way over to Brussels, I'm wandering round the WHSmiths in the ferry terminal in Dover, and what do I see but Sue Moorcroft's Is This Love at no. 45. I had, in fact, just finished it and loved it. A really good read.

And so.....

What am I looking forward to in 2014??

1. Moving into our new home.
2. Meeting a lot of friends again, whether writers or hashers, or just friends. We will now have somewhere to accommodate guests!
3. A weekend of major fun at Brussels2014 - not to mention a few other weekends!
4. New books from, among others:

  1. Liz Harris
  2. Liz Fenwick
  3. Pia Courtenay
  4. Sue Moorcroft
  5. Talli Roland
5. Trying desperately to reduce to size of my Must Read List!!

Here's hoping 2014 brings you all you wish yourself, in every way!


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