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Monday, October 21, 2013

Sort of New House-Owners

More Random Jottings!!!

We have bought a House!! Actually, we have had our offer accepted on a 3 bed bungalow in a village just north of York. Why York? Well, its mainly flat, and we need that – both officially being disabled, we have friends there, we like the city a LOT, and we could get a good “bang for our buck” for what we got for our house on the Isle of Man. Did I mention the pubs?? The Brigantes is a good start. 

So now we wait. Everything is in the hands of the solicitors. Fortunately, we are under no time pressure to move, and indeed, wouldn't move until next Spring anyway. My Mum is still clinging to life (just) up the road from us here in a care home. Unfortunately, all she wants is not to wake up tomorrow. For any of you out there who also have elderly family, our hearts go out to you. As a friend of mine in a similar situation was told “You can't bring back your Dad, her sight or her youth. You have done all you can.“ Frustrating, though, and guilt-inducing.

Mind you – with the house, its not just the waiting – its also the form-filling. Our solicitors are very good – I used to play rugby with the head of the firm. That, though doesn't diminish the amount of times you've got to produce a current passport or similar, AND proof of address, AND proof you have the funds legally. Just more stuff to wade through. Still, the end results should be worth it.

Strictly is turning out to be an excellent season!! Even without Vincent and Flavia. By happy accident they seem to have ended up with an engaging cast of slebs who all seem determined to try. Those who have been eliminated have hardly been controversial, and there are a few REALLY good dancers. Farewell this weekend to Julian McDonald.

In the world of Romantic Fiction, it seems my choice of friends is inspired – they all seem to be in the running the their particular world's version of the Oscars. I like the way they suddenly slip out their latest literary offerings without any fanfare. They are remarkably fecund in a literary sense as well.
This month I have read Talli Roland's Build A Man,Liz Harris's Art of Deception, Nigel Tranter's The Wisest Fool (an old favourite) and Desperate Remedies by Christina Courtenay (and that's only so far) All excellent. I'm in awe of their ability to edit, as well. I know from my own (non-fiction) writing that after getting all the words down, the last thing you want to do is to go through crossing them out.

My Hash House Harrier friends know I'm very involved organising a mammoth weekend of running and socialising(i.e. Hashing) over in Brussels next summer. It has proved remarkably popular, and we have over 2500 people coming from all over the world for it. I love Brussels – its a lovely city, and the beer and food are among the best in the world. Less than two months until my next trip over there – intelligently combining a committee meeting with the Brussels Manneke Piss H3's Christmas Party. For any of them reading this, its all going very well!!

And now – a word on Stamps!!! Yes, ANOTHER great thing to do when you don't have working legs. Actually, I just love them for their own sake. Perhaps better saved for al later blog - but believe me - you have NO IDEA how often South American countries changed their Presidents a hundred years ago. They truly did measure time in revolutions there. :)

What a madcap whirl my life is!!

More soon.


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